The banner… the good and the bad of an undefeated soccer season

Posted by Mark Murray on Mar 16, 2016 4:37:53 PM

Every year, every season, teams start out as undefeated.  In middle school athletics, no one generally thinks about being undefeated until after their team at least wins a few games.  However, at my school there is a tradition of memorializing an undefeated team by hanging a banner in our gym. The banner lists the team, the year and the team’s final record for the season.  By the end of the first practice, all of the players, including the new ones, are aware of this tradition.

Our boys’ soccer team hadn’t had an undefeated season since 1996.

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The Pros of a “No-Cut” Policy in Middle School Sports

Posted by Carolyn Blair, Director of Athletics on Nov 13, 2015 9:31:22 AM

Middle School can be a very difficult time for adolescence because they aren’t grown-ups yet, but don’t want to feel like babies anymore either.  Their bodies are changing, their once BFF is no longer hanging out with them, and they are struggling to just find themselves.  Middle School sports with a “no-cut” policy is a great place for students to explore and experiment without the fear and humiliation of being cut.

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