Math is All Around Us

Posted by Lynn Vessey on Nov 10, 2016 9:56:01 AM

Often students do not recognize that math is all around them.  They know it is a subject
 they have to take in school, and some even enjoy it.  But they often do not appreciate that it is in almost every facet of their lives.  One of the best ways for students to appreciate is by doing. Adults can help students by helping them incorporate math in their everyday activities.  Here are a few activities to help students appreciate the omnipresence of math.

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Creating Synergy: Math & Art

Posted by Betsy Bennati on Jun 3, 2016 10:03:34 AM

In my fifth grade math class, students learned about fractions as they created works of art. When I first introduced the unit on fractions, I noticed my students were struggling with the concept. In an effort to combat the initial nerves of learning something new and complex, I asked students to use a ruler. I discovered that the students first had to learn to properly use the ruler itself, to understand about increments of an inch. Then, they began drawing straight lines on an x/y axis. The final result was a beautiful piece of art made one straight line at a time! Here’s how it worked:

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