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Posted by Kami Mulzet on Apr 13, 2016 11:24:40 AM


DSC_0145.jpgKindergarten students learn to share, and as adults we try to remember those early lessons. Middle School students also love to share, but they enjoy sharing information. A group of sixth grade students was asked to review videos on the site TED-Ed and to recommend their favorites through a class blog. Students previewed videos here, and shared their favorites with their peers. Find some student recommendations below:

Logan: “I recommend the 'Don't Go Shopping' one. It is very cool and shows you about 3D printing. I think that it is the future.”

Evelyn: “I recommend 'Einstein's Riddle'. I recommend it if you like logic puzzles or riddles. I love riddles like this, but I didn't get it on my own. Can anyone?”

Kia: “I recommend the one about dinosaurs’ colors. It brings up a cool topic.

David: I recommend the one that tells you about why you dream. We spend a big part of our lives sleeping, and it tells you why dreaming is important.”

Abigail: “I recommend the video called 'Real Beauty.' It has a very interesting concept and tells you a lot about yourself.”

Andrew: “I recommend 'When will the Next Mass Extinction Occur?' because it was interesting to hear about mass extinctions and when they have happened.”

Aly: “I liked 'The Science of a Snowflake' video. It was very cool, and I learned a lot about snowflakes.”

Maggie: “I thought the video about the most lightning-struck place on earth was very interesting because it shows and talks about why it’s the most lightning-struck place and some history behind it.”

Taite: “I recommend the video called 'The Dangers of a Single Story.' I recommend it because I thought it was really cool. The woman talked about what can happen if someone hears something and thinks it is real, but it is not.”

Billy: “The potato video is very interesting. I like how something simple as the potato plays an important role in history.”

Blog.jpegVideo is a great way to engage students in learning, and the TED-Ed site has many interesting videos available. Other students in the class also recommended some of the videos above, and still others commented after watching the recommendations by their peers. By participating in a class blog, students’ recommendations are seen by the entire class.

A class blog is a digital space where every member of the class can interact and share an opinion. If those opinions were written on paper and only shared with the teacher, the work would be appreciated by an audience of one, rather than by the entire group of readers and writers. Interacting in a digital environment is an important life skill, and by participating on a class blog students are given the opportunity to practice this increasingly necessary skill.

When students recommend videos, books, educational websites and other sources of media, they become more invested in their answers. Finally, Middle School students learned this lesson way back in Kindergarten - sharing is also fun!

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