Parents: Are You a Sideline Coach?

Posted by Carolyn Blair on Oct 13, 2016 4:06:58 PM

I know it is almost impossible to sit on the sideline and not instruct your child to run New_blog_photo.jpgfaster, shoot the ball, work harder or get in the right position.  You have all of the right intentions; you want them to play well, score a basket and improve their game. You are just cheering for your son or daughter, right?  

Well studies show just the opposite. Parent coaching from the sideline conveys mixed messages, not only for your child, but for your child’s teammates, and for the coach.

The player is trained by their coaches daily and they work on the game’s tactics, so on game day they can implement these tactics and skills. The players are trying to listen to their coaches during the game, however, they keep hearing mom or dad shouting from the sideline. Although parents may believe they are helping their child by directing them on the field or giving them feedback, what they are really doing is distracting their child (the player) from focusing on the game.
Blog_2_-_sports.jpgThe coach has a plan
, and she has been working really hard to execute the game plan. Parents should sit back and relax on the sideline. They should watch their child on the field/court having fun and developing and enhancing their skills of the game.  

Too many times we hear about children quitting sports because it just isn’t fun anymore. We have to remember that sports are meant to be FUN and while our children are having fun, they are also learning lifelong lessons through sports! Your child needs you to be their biggest cheerleader, proud supporter and an awesome role model.

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