Getting Students Off To a Great Start at School

Posted by Kami Mulzet on Sep 13, 2017 9:38:58 AM


Parents want the best for their children, and so do teachers. The first parent/teacher conference is a great time to ask about ways you can support your child. There are so many great resources on the internet these days, which can seem overwhelming.  Having a conversation with your child’s teacher may give you the targeted answers you need. There are, however, several concerns that all parents share.

DSC_0234.jpgThe start of a new year is a great time to look at your child's plan for homework, organization, and other routines to help make the year run smoothly. 

After the first few weeks of school your child will settle into a routine. This is the time to ask: Is my child’s routine optimal for learning? Here are a few tips to keep them on track as the year progresses:

  • Sleep: An early and regular bed time is essential to having a positive attitude toward learning the next day. Tired students do not absorb information as readily as rested ones. Please be sure that your child’s bedtime is conducive to falling asleep. Here are some tips to help improve your child's bedtime routine.
  • Nutrition: Along with sleep, healthy nutrition will make a big difference in the life of your child. Many studies confirm the importance of eating well and having a well-balanced breakfast. Students will listen better in class and retain what they learn longer, if they are well fed. In addition, eating a meal "family-style" can boost psyhological health and bring you closer as a family. Here are some tips on how to encourage your child to make healthy choices.  
  • Organization: Staying organized can be the most critical skill, especially in middle school. Students may need some help getting started in this area, but they should ultimately take responsibility for preparing for the DSC_0249.jpgnext day. If you always pack their homework in their bookbag, they won’t know where to look for it the next day. Here are some great tips to help your child stay organized.
  • Homework: Students need different levels of support with their work, depending on subject, grade, and other factors. Some students work best in total quiet, while others prefer to have some kind of background noise. Most students benefit from doing their work in a central location, where they can be redirected when necessary. Here are some tips for optimizing your child's homework space.
  • Technology: As new devices are created and new apps become available, it can be challenging to keep up with technology. Some students are more interested in pushing boundaries in this area than others. Learn more about the appropriate use of technology for your child.
  • Study Skills: Test taking can create a high level of anxiety in students, but it doesn’t have to. Armed with a few effective strategies, students can learn to study effectively, which will help conquer their worries before a test. Here are a few tips for improving study skills.

DSC_0246.jpgThere are a lot of great resources on the internet these days. Sometimes, the answer to your concern is a quick Google search away. However, if it's more complex, contact your child’s teacher or school administrator for a more direct pathway to improvement. Though every child experiences school differently, most issues can be solved simply by communicating with your child’s teacher, school counselor, or administrator.

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